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Screen Shot: Hyper Lander 2 Classic WELCOME!
Welcome to corsa net (formerly known as corsaweb.freewebspace.com)we hopw you enjoy the site come back many times.

visit cruisecars.4t.com by clicking here
Cruise updates will be posted daily on the link at the top of the page 'cruise update'. Keep looking there could be one near you!

How does the Internet figure into game development?
Typically if you have wanted to play a particular game then you have had to go to a software store and purchase a box which contains CD-ROM's or floppy disks. Games are packaged this way because the data which makes up most games takes up so much space and because physical stores have been the only place to showcase them. This data can take the form of graphics, sounds, character files, help, and of course the game engine itself. Now with the gain in popularity of the Internet, gamers don't have to get a game from a physical store, and in some cases they don't even have to install a game on their own computer. One of the contributions of the Internet to gaming has been games which exist entirely online. Project BOB is an example of this kind of game. It's graphics and code exist on the web and are expressed through a web browser. This means that updates are easier to distribute to fans of a game who visit a central storage for the game each time they log on to play it.

Project Car
Our news letter MODIFIED CARS CLUB will be sent to the min you want it so send me an email and join the club.
corsa net have bought a RED G REG MINI and are do it up. Now you might think its impossible but ha ha its not but we do need ur help!!
If you have any ideas send them to nickprice97@hotmail.com
Unfourntenly our instant mail system is down so you will have to send from your email system.

Any ideas will be taken in to thought or if you have any pics of minis that you might think we need send em. If you would like an update on the mini just click the link above PROJECT CAR.

Another link to another top site, FAST CAR.